If you Google Marlo Stanfield, practically every article you find is about the fictional character Marlo, the ruthless head of Baltimore’s most violent drug syndicate, in the HBO police drama hit series, The Wire. Only Marlo isn’t fictional. He’s the real-life brother of 80’s Kingpin, Timmirror Stanfield, and the true muscle behind the infamous and very real Stanfield Organization — and he’s just been released from prison. Now, after serving 36 years behind bars, the real Marlo is ready to speak the truth about his tumultuous life leading to his role atop the notorious drug trafficking empire at just 24 years of age.

In this exclusive, 3-part docuseries, “Marlo”, we’ll get an inside look at the real man behind the Baltimore street legend. Through first-hand interviews with Marlo himself, his remaining family, and former crew, we’ll watch as he speaks for the first time ever about his experiences growing up in the do-or-die projects of West Baltimore and the events that molded him into the most feared name in the city.

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